While cranes get a lot of attention on a building site (let’s face it – you can’t miss them!) – hoists are the unsung heroes of high-rise construction.

Hutchies uses only the highest quality European brands of hoists designed to meet Australian standards. They are selected for their unrivalled safety performance and features, as well as speed and load capacity to maximise efficiency. Our wide variety of hoists provides a range of options for ultimate efficiency in transporting people and materials on site.



With a 2t capacity and 2m long car, this mid-speed hoist is a reliable choice for projects with a smaller footprint. We have used our 2020 on jobs like the Maroochydore Government Service Centre and Sea Pearl on the Sunshine Coast.



Our five Alimak 650s offer great versatility for mid-rise projects. With 2.5t capacity and a 3.2m car, these mid-speed hoists move at 60m per second and can be set up as a twin or single hoist. We used two of these on Utopia Space in Fortitude Valley, as well as The View, The Lanes and Ipswich City Council Building.



Pega pioneered the development, design and manufacture of rack and pinion hoists and lifts without counterweight. The Pega 2032 provides superior safety and reliability. With a 2t capacity, 3.2m long car, and the ability to vertically move construction teams and heavy loads at high speed, it’s an obvious choice for mid to large sized projects. We used these hoists on The Elysian and Encore at Broadbeach, and Four Points by Sheraton on Mary Street in Brisbane.



Boasting a 3.2t capacity and a 3.2m long car, the Pega 3232 is a mid-speed workhorse great for mid to large sized projects. We specifically purchased these hoists for the The Carlsen in Victoria. They were subsequently used on the AVEO Gasworks development in Teneriffe in Brisbane, before being redeployed to Bela by Mosaic at Mermaid Beach.



We have 14 of these high speed Pega hoists which are a staple for our tallest high rise projects. With 2.8t capacity and a 3.7m long car, these lifts travel at 100m per minute, and are well placed to provide the efficiency required on demanding sites. Two of these hoists were used for the Brisbane Skytower project and four were deployed on Ivy and Eve at South Brisbane.



Another high-speed option, with an extra large 4m long car, these hoists offer excellent efficiency. Their 100m per minute speed, and capacity of 2.8t, made them a perfect choice for the Brisbane Skytower project, which we specifically purchased them for. They were then redeployed to The Star Gold Coast Stage 1 Tower project.



Our dedicated materials hoist has a 2.3t capacity with a 3.7m long car and open top. This capacity and configuration provide outstanding flexibility for the vertical transportation of a wide range of materials. Moving at around 60m per minute, this mid speed hoist was used for the refurbishment of the Cairns Hospital refurbishment and the major renovation at 300 Adelaide Street in Brisbane.